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Mark Heath, Deputy Chief of EMS
Pam Kiestler, Division Chief of EMS
Dr. Joe Holley, Medical Director


Charlie Pardue

Deputy Chief Gary Ludwig

EMS Promotions 2007


26 Alpha 1

Typical day...


Paramedic Barry Nash U3-A and EMT Richard Johnson Rescue 2-A
Photo by Nikki Boertman, (C)The Commercial Appeal


Letter to The Editor, 1973
The Commercial Appeal
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Emergency Medical Resources
Dr. Joe Holley

The Ludwig Report 2005
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2005 3yr proposed MFD EMS Organizational Chart

Fire Based EMS Whitepaper (2007)

Retirees and Other forms of seperation

EMS ALS SOP's 2003

MFD EMS Equipment
MFD EMS Information
E.M.D. Codes
E.M.D. Codes (PDF File)

Center For Emergency Medicine
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Stats for 2002





The gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling
 a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would
fall back of it's own weight.

They had thought with some reason that there is no more
dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor.

-Albert Camus,
The Myth of Sisyphus