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  1. When is Memphis Fire Dept. hiring?
  2. Do I Have to be an EMT or Paramedic to be considered for employment?
  3. Is there preferential hiring based on previous employment / training?
  4. How do I contact the City Personnel Office?
  5. What are some of the benefits offered?
  6. What is the RUN VOLUME?
  7. Residency
  8. Work Schedule
  9. Reserve - Volunteer Program

Paramedic job posting 02/ - 04/2001

When is Memphis Fire Dept. Hiring ?

03/2007 - Memphis Fire Department just went through an application process for Firefighter. Contact City of Memphis Human Resources for additional information. There is currently an open application process for Fire Fighter/Paramedic.

This is the most often asked question I get. I will try to explain their hiring procedure the best I can.

The last orientation was January 2007.

About every two years, the Memphis Fire Dept. does a mass orientation / application process. They usually post this several weeks or months in advance.

Usually several thousand show up. Surprisingly a number of those return their applications at the conclusion of the orientation. They are not aware about the 24 hour shifts, working holidays, missing meals, and the other stressors that go along with the job.

At the conclusion of the orientation each person is assigned a time / date to return their completed application. At this time they will take a battery of test. After the written test are the physical agility testing. Several of the physical test are timed events.

Somewhere in this process a criminal background investigation is done. The results of all the test are compiled and I suppose this is the "pecking" order for hiring.

The qualified applicants are placed on a hiring list. This list is usually in effect for around two years. All the applicants hired by MFD are hired off this list. If you are not on the list, you must wait until the next hiring process is initiated.

The next process is the physical examination. This includes a chest X-ray, blood work, hearing, vision (including near / far and color vision), and a few other small exams. Failure of any single exam will disqualify you from the hiring process. The good news is, if you get called for a physical and pass, your are all but hired.

Up until this point nothing is considered an offer of employment. If you successfully pass the physical exam you are usually offered a job in the next few weeks.

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Do I Have to be an EMT or Paramedic to be considered for employment?

NO. However, you must successfully complete EMT training and pass the National Registry EMT.

If you are hiring on as a Firefighter/EMT, you are competing with about 2000 others in the same category. If you are a Paramedic, your chances increase to better than 50/50 (or better).

Once you are hired you have about 12 weeks of firefighting / EMS academy training (may be as much as 6 mos. training). You must complete the fire academy regardless of your past firefighting experience / qualifications.

New employee probation is one year from your hire date.

After training academy, you have roughly 6-8 months left on probation. If you are an EMT, you spend this time on your assigned equipment. If you are a PARAMEDIC, you usually do 4 months on fire equipment, 4 months ambulance time. NOTE: The new process assigning employees to an FTO reduce these times.

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Is there preferential hiring based on previous employment / training?

I am really not certain. I do know that regardless of previous firefighting and/or EMS experience you must complete the entire training academy. Whether you already held a firefighter II classification or never even seen a fire hose you must go through the MFD training academy if you have not done so previously.
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How do I contact the City Personnel Office ?

You may call the City Personnel office, or go by in person and fill out a notification of hiring card. They will mail you notification on the next job posting.

Human Resources:    (901) 576-6509

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What are some of the benefits offered?

25 Year retirement without regard to age, tuition reimbursement, college incentive,  9 - 14 annual vacation days, 12 - 30 hrs. sick leave accumulation per month, bonus days.

Also participates in the deferred compensation prg.

More benefits available, these are the highlights.

As far as I know, there are no 'buy-back' or time credits for any type of military duty.

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What is the run volume?

This varies widely across the department. Some fire equipment may run as few as 50 calls/mo. or less. Some run as many as 250 or more. This is not directly related to firefighting. Inclusive of first responder calls, helping people back in bed, locked cars, and automatic alarms.

Most of your inner-city ambulances average 350 calls/mo. Some in the more prominent areas may run 100-150.

Fire companies are composed of 1 Officer ( Lt. ), 1 Driver, 1 Pvt., 1 Pvt. or Paramedic for a total of 4.

EMS crews are made up of 1 EMT, 1 Paramedic. 

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Residency Policy

Currently, new employees will be 'required' to maintain a residence inside the city of Memphis.
You have 6 months after employment to establish an address inside Memphis. There is a two (2) year temporary exemption on residency for FF/Paramedic applicants. The temporary exemption is anywhere inside Shelby Co. TN.

You may email for more details on this matter.

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What is the work schedule?

The work schedule is as follows:

24 ON    -    24 OFF    -    24 ON    -    24 OFF    -    24 ON    -    4 Days OFF

Each 3 day cycle is referred to as a 'set'.

The usual rotation to ride ambulances is around once every 6-8 weeks for EMT. Every other set for Paramedic. Sometimes more.

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Does MFD have a Reserve / Explorer / Volunteer program?

Memphis Fire Dept. does not.
However, several of the suburban full-time departments do. You could check with them.

If someone from any of these departments would like me to post some specific information in regards to their program, please fwd the info to me.

Name Contact Phone
Arlington FD    
Bartlett FD    
Collierville FD Lt. Kenny Stovall (901) 853-3293
Germantown FD    
Millington FD Lt. Craig Rich (901) 872-7851
Southaven, MS FD Lt. Phil Emerson (662) 349-2415

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Job Postings:
Fire Fighter Paramedic Feb. 2001, March 2002


The City of Memphis does not accept unsolicited resumes for any position.

All applications must be received by the job closing date in order to be considered.

The City of Memphis is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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