03/26/01: Timeline initiated

03/27/01: Boothby spills most of our stew down his leg

03/29/01: Mike Perry gets his Lt. promotion call

04/14/01: Coughlin trashes his Cobra Mustang Bumper

04/15/01: Lt. Rick Thomas retires (E5-A)

04/21/01: Gary Gallo takes his truck through car wash with turnout gear in back

04/23/01: Class #81 begins

05/01/01: Lt. Pillsbury gets his promotion call for Battalion Chief

05/02/01: Lt. Forrest sees the "light"

05/18/01: Lt. Bradford reviews 2nd Alarm SOP Hi-Rise procedures

07/22/01: J.D. goes for 'cold drinks'

07/24/01: John Taylor ALMOST gets qualified

07/31/01: Honest Joe get's 'double secret probation'

08/09/01: Katrina Drewry fries rubber snake for breakfast

08/13/01: Snorkel 13 welcomes Andy Bouche to the 7's

08/20/01: John Taylor gets qualified

08/29/01: E-40 welcomes Honest Joe and Frank Busby

09/07/01: MFD.com gets 25,000th hit

09/11/01: TNTF1 departs for Washington D.C.

09/20/01: TNTF1 Returns

09/23/01: Katrina gets qualified on the 'little ladder'

09/25/01: Lt. Cooperwood buys the station $98 worth of avocados

10/00/01: Kimo pumps his first fire at Public Eye

10/00/01: Truckie Dan Harris gets nozzle for first time in forever at Public Eye

10/00/01: Public Eye Restaurant burns down (coincidence?)

10/19/01: Rene McCullough's chicken truck overturns

10/29/01: Lt. Hudnall buys $98 worth of cheese ( coincidence? )

11/05/01: Class #82 Begins

11/09/01: Colin Burress gets assigned to the 50's

11/24/01: Memphisfire.com gets 30,000th hit

01/04/02: 7s welcomes back Bubba Atkinson

01/11/02: Troutman learns to keep his fingers out of rungs while lowering aerial

01/20/02: Dan Griffith talks to Peter Pan

02/08/02: Memphisfire.com gets 35,000 hit

02/08/02: Joe Fred finds a 3' snowball

03/12/02: Lt. Forrest gets promoted to B/C

03/31/02: Dan Griffith washes hands with KY Jelly

05/01/02: Memphis annexes Countrywood and Hwy 64

05/15/02: Frankie G. Busby temporary appointed crash test dummy for new unit#16

06/05/02: Memphisfire.net gets 40,000 hit

06/18/02: Joe Fred tries to put a chip in the teflon


07/02/02: Leave for Panama City Beach

07/03/02: Charles Oliver gets electrocuted by Television

07/03/02: Charles Oliver drinks beer full of soap

07/03/02: Waitress puts booster seat in Shane's chair

07/03/02: Charles & Gish drink maragritas with sand (or Alum)

07/03/02: Coughlin kicks sand in Gish's face, Gish returns the favor

07/04/02: Coughlin drinks alum laced tea at spinnaker's

07/04/02: Ketchup top falls off in Coughlin's fries

07/04/02: Coughlin denies Honest Joe driving privileges of Mustang

07/15/02: Jim Meriwether visits the 40's

07/19/02: Terry Lee falls into sticker bush

07/21/02: Dan Harris' NFA Timeline

07/26/02: Honest Joe gets blasted by Jet Engine

09/20/02: Memphisfire.net gets 45,000 hit

09/23/02: Class #83 Begins

00/00/02: Roger Mathisen makes Division Chief

10/10/02: TIMELINE New York

10/15/02: Units 21 & 22 go full-time

11/06/02: Units 23, 24 & 25 go full-time

11/08/02: Shane breaks up Class 83 BlueGrass Revival

11/24/02: Memphisfire.net gets 50,000 hit (Shannon Murphree 23:20)

12/05/02: Paramedic with 18mos on job gets assigned to E33/U19-B   ( Go figure... )

12/20/02: David Franks spends $170 on 2 steaks and mashed potatoes

01/11/03: Memphisfire.net gets 55,000 hit (James Orr)

01/22/03: Chris Kidd-1st out of Class 83 to get qualified (E-7)

02/22/03: Memphisfire.net gets 60,000 hits

03/17/03: NYC 2003 Timeline

03/30/03: KenJohn get's lost in cave

04/02/03: Lochbihler clears the back 40, calls it training

04/04/03: Lochbihler get's part-time gig at Maxi-Foods

04/04/03: Memphisfire.net gets 65,000 hits

04/11/03: Dep. Director Mosby defers his retirement ceremony

05/03/03: Pardue caters Krystals to the units at the MED

05/16/03: Memphisfire.net gets 70,000 hits

06/16/03: Memphisfire.net gets 75,000 hits

06/17/03: Memphisfire.net gets 80,000 hits

06/19/03: Memphisfire.net gets 85,000 hits

07/01/03: Frankie Bennett roast's biscuit for breakfast

07/10/03: Memphisfire.net gets 90,000 hits

07/14/03: Charlie Pardue retires (1968 - 2003)

07/15/03: Charlie Pardue gets Rooty-Tooty Fresh & Fruity

07/24/03: David Langley E-14B (Probie Class 83) makes his 30th Structure Fire

07/31/03: Easy Rider's head out to the Black Hill's of South Dakota

08/01/03: O'keefe meets Sioux City Sue

08/10/03: Memphisfire.net gets 95,000 hits

08/11/03: Class #84 Begins

09/08/03: Memphisfire.net gets 100,000 hits

09/10/03: New Sta. 44 opens

09/22/03: 47s welcomes Honest Joe

09/25/03: David Langley wrecks unit 1st day off probation

10/10/03: B/C Putt brings in overtime spam

10/19/03: Lt.'s Childress and Barker start doing 12 / 12

10/23/03: Terry Oldam get's bathroom as airplane seat assignment

10/23/03: Curtis get's a mojo put on his Burrito

10/28/03: Country get's 72, says he would do it again...

11/07/03: Memphisfire.net gets 110,000 hits

11/13/03: Channel 5 News tries to put a chip in the teflon

11/19/03: Lyle Lovett meets Joe & Paige

11/20/03: Honest Joe meets "Little" Enos Burdette

11/25/03: Horvath makes the cut

11/26/03: Breault buys catfish plate, for himself, AGAIN

11/26/03: Sweet Potato fairy visits 47's

11/26/03: Little Stevie get's the ditch cleaned out

12/29/03: D/C Jerry Crawford recommended by Mayor as new MFD Director

12/30/03: Nutsack gives dead duck a bubble bath

12/30/03: Memphisfire.net gets 120,000 hits (FF Brian Hale, Senatobia FD)

01/22/03: D/C Jerry Crawford reconfirmed by Mayor as new MFD Director

01/23/04: Memphisfire.net gets 130,000 hits
(125,000 Honorable mention: Ray Pelletier)

02/11/04: Class 84 finally graduates

02/13/04: Jerry Johnson rolls back the prices at Wal-Mart

03/01/04: Jerry Crawford retires, takes over at Collierville FD.

03/14/04: MFD.net gets 140,000 hit

03/15/04: NYC 2004 Timeline

04/07/04: Mayor nominates Richard Arwood for Fire Director

04/25/04: Lt. BB Barker reaches the end of the internet, computer blows up.

04/27/04: Craig Jones takes a "dip" of All-Spice, reminds him of pumpkin pie.

05/03/04: D/C Donald Kuhn appointed Interim Deputy Chief of Emergency Operations

05/06/04: MFD.net gets 150,000 hit

05/13/04: Ryan Jones opens Pop-A-Lock franchise at 2am.

06/09/04: Jason Stuart receives message from Breault to pick him up some snuff and bring it to the 15's.

06/11/04: Stuart complies ( I was told not to ask )

07/01/04: Sweet Erin crowns Joe with the scales of justice

07/01/04: MFD.net gets 160,000 hit

08/17/04: MFD.net gets 170,000 hit

08/25/04: Little Stevie Breault finally makes it back to Engine 13, organizes a fishing trip,
                   then cancels it to work overtime. It's still all about ME!

08/27/04: MFD overrules US Supreme Court, determines 1st ammendment unconstitutional.

09/05/04: MFD Unit 27 responds to Collierville Town Square (for a kid that swallowed a penny)

09/16/04: Lt. Childress gets called for excessive celebration by "assisted living" resident,
15 yard penalty from the spot of the foul, 1st down.

09/24/04: Henry Posey makes D/C, Pillsbury is on deck.

10/02/04: MFD.net gets 180,000th hit

10/04/04: Marco Sykes gets gets caught in giant roach motel.

10/06/04: Maurice Jones eats 79 feet of Noodles.

10/11/04: FF Ross gets attacked by fire hydrant while driving Unit 7

10/15/04: Rodney Johnson gets close & personal with Bill Clinton

11/09/04: March on Atlanta's City Hall

11/25/04: MFD.net gets 190,000th hit

12/11/04: Pvt. J. Herbert turns in 4th transfer request to leave 33's

12/00/04: Lt. Barker tries barbell for midnight snack

12/30/04: The Crew meets Nurse GoodBody from St. Augustine, FLA

01/15/05: Peanut Smothers retires

01/23/05: MFD.net gets 200,000th hit

01/29/05: Pocket's qualifies Joe on the Air Truck.

01/31/05: D/C Ester starts 9 months of sick leave

02/01/05: Perry Cathey get's a Geritol Bomb at Mulli's

02/04/05: Joe visits the IAFF Headquarters in D.C.

02/05/05: Start IAFF Political Training Academy

02/06/05: Get buzzed at SuperBowl Party by AirCare-1

02/14/05: Luckey gets her stump chopped

02/14/05: Lt. Covington gets dream job - Logistics.

03/12/05: MFD.net gets 210,000th hit

03/15/05: 2005 NYC Timeline

0700: - BL Combo, Breakfast

07:50 Okeefe meets Nacho

0800: Get scolded by 14D

03/20/05: Henry, Mitch & Roger Peck tour Minneapolis in the spring.

04/04/05: Frankie G. Busby motivates T-23A for 3.

04/05/05: Dep. Chief of EMS Gary Ludwig's 1st day.

04/06/05: Wild Bill Turns Four-O.

04/15/05: John Looney retires

04/16/05: Ramsey 'Rambo' Bancroft Turns Four-O.

04/24/05: Memphis Fire Online gets 220,000th hit

05/11/05: DC2B crashes into the rear of BC6B

06/02/05: 'Loose Slot' Cody drops by the 47s.

06/07/05: Memphis Fire Online gets 230,000th hit

06/25/05: Joe Meets King Mabel

07/11/05: D/C Mike Starrett retires

07/15/05: B/C Fred Steward retires ( 37yrs 5mos 1day)

07/19/05: Memphis Fire Online gets 240,000th hit

07/30/05: Kiner kicks in his first door

08/10/05: Joe and the U.S. Congressman

08/18/05: Easy Riders head out west

08/22/05: DeWayne Mitchell goes phishing in Romania

08/31/05: Memphis Fire Online get 250,000th hit

09/04/05: Work the MDA Telethon Picture 01 Picture 02

09/25/05: Jed helps Lumpy with his contortionist skills

09/26/05: Kramer feels the pressure of riding Rescue 1

09/27/05: Councilman E.C. Jones breaks bread at the 47s Picture 01 Picture 02

10/07/05: The Crew and the Governor.

10/15/05: Spanky Clifton E-47C retires

12/05/05: Memphis Fire Online get 275,000th hit

02/02/06: The Taxman stops by the station

02/28/06: The "L" Train pulls into the station

02/28/06: Lt. Lochbihler regulates

03/19/06: Mitch's luggage explodes

03/22/06: Memphis Fire Online get 300,000th hit

03/30/06: FF Darrell Harden retires

04/15/06: Lt Donnie Morris E-46A Retires

06/03/06: Roger Powell's 60th Birthday

06/18/06: B3 (Chief Anthony)'s red car gets pelted with neckbones

06/29/06: Lumpy makes B/C

07/19/06: Memphis Fire Online get 325,000th hit

07/31/06: Rebecca Luckey has the best BBQ Nachos ever

09/08/06: Class 87 Graduates; with 4-Time "All American" Paramedic Travis Young

09/25/06: Pelletier & Andrew Hart resus a 9E1 in the Bathroom at
                Treasure Island Casino, Las Vegas (Pt appeared ungrateful)

11/14/06: Memphis Fire Online gets 350,000th hit

11/30/06: Country returns to works after 8 month hiatus, remarks that "nothing's changed"

12/08/06: Chris Cathey opens a screw on cap with a corkscrew

05/09/07: Chief Forrest calls in Paris Hilton to ride Lt. on E-52.

07/15/07: Memphis Fire Online gets 400,000th hit

07/15/07: Watch Commander Bill Adelman retires

09/15/07: O'Keefe catches his first fish

09/24/07: L-Train catches "the" fish

12/07/07: Hellen crowned Ms. Memphis Police 2007

05/01/09: Class 93 graduates

05/04/09: Memphis Fire Online get 500,000th hit

If you would like to add something, please fwd to me and I will include it