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  TITLE Length / Size Decsription
2005 100 Club
Medal of Valor
22MB H.264 (MP4)
2005 100 Club Medal of Valor video
 L-Train and the Weight 4.7MB H.264
Landon does his dance on the spinning weight. Fire Station #7, March 2000
 New Training Center

2:25 Min / 4MB


News clip from UPN CH. 30 News
 Simulated Burn

2Min / 4MB


Going through new burn room
 Memphis Fire 01 30 Sec. / 3.9MB

Arial shot of Memphis
Lt. Cunningham
Lt. Kuntz responding on Snorkel 13
Engine 2 and Truck 5 responding

 Memphis Fire 02

30 Sec. / 2.9 MB


Engine 7 responding
Tim Greganti / Jed Johnson
Structure Fire
 Memphis Fire 03 30 Sec. / 2.5 MB Jed Johnson / Tim Greganti
Structure Fire
Control Burn / Training Fire
 Memphis Fire 04

30 Sec. / 2.5 MB


Robert, Crazy Dave, Tim Clark
 ENGINE 7 6 Sec. / 0.55MB Preparing for a run
 Harley Burnout 18 sec. / 0.51MB Ramsey Bancroft ( T-7A ) burning rubber on his Harley in Destin Fla.
 Newark Airport 24 sec. / 3MB Disgruntled Firemen at Newark Airport

 Dano Mud




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